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Call Of Duty Mobile Free CP

Call of Duty is a very famous online game from Activision/Tencent that is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. It has already been downloaded over 35 million times. Call of Duty for Mobiles is an extended gaming version of the Call of Duty game series.

After its massive success in the gaming console version, this game had stepped into the mobile world. As a result, the game became very popular and is played in different parts of the world.

Since anyone with a smartphone can easily access the mobile version, the Call of Duty Mobile has over 1 Billion players making it the biggest mobile launch to date.

COD Mobile Hack That Works

Call Of Duty Mobile, being a mobile game with such a huge player database, did not have so much time before these players started looking for cheats and hacks. There are so many different ways by which these COD mobile hack and cheats can be implemented.

These ways include Mods, Mod Menus, Aimbots, Wallhacks and Game cheating tools, etc.

These hacks and cheats can be used by both Android as well as iOS users, although it is much easier for Android users to find and implement the cheats. APK and iOS mod game applications are the most commonly used cheat options.

However, here we will look at some of the hacks and tricks without affecting the original gameplay and Fun!

Call Of Duty Mobile Tips

Here are few working COD Mobile tips to top leaderboard. Beware of online COD Mobile hack that claims to generate free game currency and credit points.

By Control Scheme

It is highly likely that you will lose a very competitive challenge without having great control over the battle scenario. So, using an advanced system is a good way to save lots of ammo.

You must be able to detect and shoot with the same key. This control mechanism gives you an edge over your enemies! Play with AI Bot to get into the control system. Although these are designed for practice matches, you can make use of them to a greater extent.

Choice Of The Load Outs

Always choose the load outs that you are going to use. Best weapons will get your enemy down as early as possible. Based on your game plan strategies, select your weapons from the wide range of options available in the armory, including AK47, Shotguns, etc.

So, the COD mobile hack here is to get access to your weapon at the earliest. Prefer in-app purchases for weapons and upgrade your weapons suitably for some cool adventures!

Manual Collection Of Rewards

With every level up, you will be given rewards automatically. But there are also other rewards that you are eligible to collect after completing the battle pass challenges. Make sure to check your inbox frequently to collect such rewards.

This is an important COD Mobile hack because if you don’t do this, you might miss out on something valuable.

Daily And Weekly Tasks

It is the best hack of Call of Duty Mobile, where you will have to finish the assigned tasks to earn more rewards and battle points. Also, an excellent option for you to finish your battle with ease.

You can do it easily by completing daily and weekly tasks. Try to find those missions that give you better rewards. You can easily level up and earn high battle points.

Your Enemy

Keeping a close eye on your enemy for your survival on the battlefield becomes inevitable if you want to level up your game. Using headphones will help you to trace the movements of your enemies while playing the COD Mobile.

In the case of multiplayer modes, it is important to survive as your enemy can attack you from different sides of you. You must track down your enemies and kill them before the loot. So keeping track of your enemy’s moves will aid you with their killing.

So, be cautious and make sure you are safe and also choose your route based on your weapon’s range.


Make sure to use all the three Scorestakes when they are available. This will help you to make progress through the different levels of the game. It is a great way to earn more XP points in the game.

If you choose to wait and use it later, then there is a high probability of you losing your points, thus making your leveling up a bit difficult.

Your Missions Matter

Every mission will have an objective to fulfill to finish a level. So, make sure to keep these objectives in your mind and fulfill them. Concentrate only on these objectives because no matter how well you play or how many enemies you kill, you will not move on to the next level.

If your objective is to kill 20 enemies with AK47, then you have to fulfill this to get your rewards. So, make sure to satisfy these criteria and level up.

Study Your Map

The best Call of Duty Mobile hack is to study your map and have a clear understanding of your hideouts. Since COD Mobile has so many earlier maps, you must make sure to know every little detail of your map.

It helps you to hide and reveal all of your enemies. It is an essential cheat if you want to stay at the top of your game.

Time Events For More Rewards

There are so many limited-time events that you can use to gain credits, cosmetic items, loot crates, etc. This is available on the left side of your screen, and you can click on it to view the set of activities that you need to complete to get substantial amounts of rewards.

Make sure to claim the rewards once you complete them.

These are some of the COD Mobile Hack and cheats that you can use instead of APK or iOS mod apps without missing out on the most important aspects of a game, that is, a challenge and a fun element!